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Freezer 13

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Posted October 22, 2010 by Kevin in Cooling

(Pf?ffikon/Switzerland, October 22 2010) ARCTIC is pleased to announce their new CPU cooler today ? Freezer 13 ? that carries on the legacy of the renowned Freezer 7 Pro Rev.2 to continue providing efficient and low noise CPU cooling solution for enthusiasts. The maximum cooling capacity of this newly improved cooler is 200W. In combination of wide compatibility with AMD and Intel sockets and superior cooling performance, the Freezer 13 ultimately brings overclocking to a new level.

Advanced Cooling and Inaudible Performance
Featuring four U-shaped high performance heatpipes and 45 efficiently formed aluminum fins; the Freezer 13 is able to dissipate massive heat that is produced in high-end CPUs, such as Intel Core i7. To facilitate the process of removing waste heat, the Freezer 13 is equipped with an ultra-quiet 92mm PWM fan. The fan speed runs from 600 to 2000 RPM to keep components within their safe operating temperature limit.

User-Friendly Mounting Mechanism
Installing Freezer 13 cannot be any easier. With ARCTIC?s own design of push pins, mounting the cooler on to the system is quick and simple. The mounting system is very convenient as it fits on all current platforms ? it is unnecessary to take apart the main board. Its sturdy mounting frame is able to withstand the weight of the Freezer 13, even under worst conditions, such as a drop test. A layer of ARCTIC MX-4, the latest thermal compound by ARCTIC, has been pre-applied to facilitate the process of installation as well.

Great Bargain
With its competitive pricing, the performance of the Freezer 13 outperforms other coolers in the market. The price and reliable performance ratio is a great bargain for gamers, overclockers and even ordinary enthusiasts.
The Freezer 13 comes with a 6 year limited warranty. It is available in late October. The MSRP is US$35.90/ 27.60?, excl.VAT.

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