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Crucial.com Christmas Gift Guide

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Posted October 12, 2010 by Kevin in News

A memory upgrade will prove to be a useful gift for any PC or Mac, desktop or laptop?especially for those shopping on a budget.
A memory upgrade is one of the most cost-effective ways of increasing system performance, so the New Year can mean new system… without the expense of a buying a full replacement! Take for example a http://www.crucial.com/store/listparts.aspx?model=Dimension%202400%20Series desktop DDR2 system which can be maxed out to its full 2GB capacity for only $99.98, providing a significant performance increase from its stock 512MB configuration. Even newer DDR3 systems need help boosted with additional RAM. Take the http://www.crucial.com/store/listparts.aspx?model=MacBook%20Pro%202.26GHz%20Intel%20Core%202%20Duo%20%2813-inch%20DDR3%29%20MB990LL/A%20Mid-2009 for example, which can be maxed out to 8GB for only $259.98.

And thanks to the http://www.crucial.com/ and http://www.crucial.com/systemscanner/index.aspx tools, we make it easy to find the upgrade you need in three simple steps. We offer over 250,000 upgrades for more than 50,000 computer systems, so finding what you need is quick and easy!

For those of your more tech-savvy family and friends, a high-speed Crucial RealSSD C300 solid-state drive (SSD) may be more suitable. Available in capacities of 64GB, 128GB and 256GB, these drives offer a quieter, cooler, and more durable solution to traditional hard disk drives. You can see our full range of SSD products http://www.crucial.com/store/ssd.aspx.

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