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Cooler Master Announces Travel Speaker

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Posted July 24, 2010 by Jake in News

Ultra slim design and elegant style
The Boom Boom Speaker adheres to the style of the Choiix brand, ?elegance, life style and ergonomics?. Its 1.2 cm ultra slim design with storable cord is really convenient and lends to portability. The gloss finish of the surface has a clean appearance and an elegant feel to compliment your style. Not only is the form of the Boom Boom Speaker stylish, the speaker lid itself is creatively designed for convenience. The protective speaker lid doubles as a stand when the speaker plays. A standard 3.5 mm audio cable makes it easy to connect to almost any audio device.

High quality sound effect, to share music with friends!
Portable music players, such as MP3, MP4, iPod, cell phones, and iPhone, make it easy for you to enjoy music on the go. Unfortunately the built-in speakers limit the enjoyment to one to maybe two users huddled around it! When you want to share music with a group of friends, there?s nothing you can do. With the Boom Boom Speaker on hand or in the pocket, this difficulty vanishes. As for the sound quality, the Boom Boom Speaker contains four integrated highly-sensitive speakers and an amplifier that provides impressive sound and volume. Just enjoy the music you like and share it with friends wherever and whenever the mood strikes you!

“Light, Slim, and Clear” for business
In most cases, precise video and audio effects make a commercial proposal successful. However, this is only effective if the sound remains free of distortion and maintains an appropriately high volume level. Video conferencing could further complicate things. Thus, a clear sound is essential for these and other related events. The Boom Boom Speaker provides rich and clear sound for your music, movies, and teleconference calls. It will be your best partner in business.

Slim drivers tech application, and outstanding sound with slim size
It?s a market rarity for portable speakers to have both a high volume and a high quality, acceptable sound. Those that do contain these features are often unwieldy and heavy which makes them less than ideal travel companions. The best of both worlds is now offered by Choiix?s brand new product the「Boom Boom Speaker」. It?s a slim size with a light design for consumers? needs. Since the Boom Boom Speaker utilizes the power provided by laptop USB ports it can come equipped with four slim drivers that are optimally placed to construct a perfect sound experience.

Dimensions (W?H?T): 90?160?12 mm/ 3.5?6.3?0.47 inches
Drivers: four high sensitive drivers
Power: 2W?2 channels
Weight: 115g/ 0.25lbs
Power input: 5V DC

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