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Team Launches the Fashionable and Trendy TP1023 Portable HDD

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Posted May 27, 2010 by jeremy in News

After launching the TP1021 and TP2022 mobile disks at CeBIT, Team Group Inc has received heated feedback from consumers. In order to meet the demands of different consumer groups, Team will launch the brand new concept product TP1023 at Computex 2010. A mobile disk in the appearance of the most popular super sports cars, the fashion and trendy style of TP1023 shows Team’s multifaceted product design capacity.

In addition to its eye-catching sports car appearance and coating, the TP1023 is equipped with the shock absorbent performance of sports cars. The suspension design can significantly enhance the shock resistance of the hard drive inside the TP1023. By passing the 130 falling test which has exceeded the industrial specification, the suspension on the TP-1023 provides the best protection for both the hard drive and data inside.

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Green and energy-saving: automatic suspend mode
Apart from hard drive and data protection, like the energy-saving deign of increasing sports cars, the TP1023 is equipped with the automatic suspend mode to shut down the hard drive after idling for a particular period of time in order to reduce electricity consumption and save energy.

Hard and soft together: the crystal of exclusive industrial design
A mobile disk with the crystal of outstanding industrial design, the brand new TP1023 is an integration fashion, modern technology and environment protection. In order to meet the demand of different consumer groups, the TP1023 is available with the USB2.0 and USB3.0 versions. Along with the utility that comes with the product, the TP1023 will surely be the total mobile storage solution for consumers.

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