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Transcend’s CompactFlash Cards Are a Perfect Choice for Digital SLR Photography

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Posted March 2, 2010 by jeremy in News

Consistently in touch with the ever demanding requirements of prosumer and professional photographers, Transcend Information, Inc. (Transcend), a worldwide leader in storage and multimedia products, is pleased to recommend its ”Ultimate” 600X and ”Premium” 400X CompactFlash cards, respectively featuring unmatched transfer rates and enormous storage capacity. These outstanding CF cards are ideal for photo and video enthusiasts, allowing them to take full advantage of their high-resolution equipment.

Transcend Ultimate 600X?Unparalleled Transfer Speeds
Transcend’s Ultimate series 600X CompactFlash cards operate in quad-channel configuration and transfer data using Ultra DMA (UDMA) mode 6, the fastest speed available for flash cards. These high-speed memory cards raise the bar with blazing fast read and write speeds of up to 90MB/s. Thanks to their use of the UDMA interface, Ultimate series 600X CF cards are able to instantly store extremely high-resolution image data, which makes consecutive shooting and non-stop video recording easier than ever. With impressive transfer speeds and storage capacity up to 32GB, users are guaranteed to get the very best performance results from their DSLR cameras or HD video camcorders so they can share their digital artwork with the world!

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Transcend Premium 400X?Up to 64GB Capacity
Featuring storage capacities ranging from 16GB to an enormous 64GB, Transcend’s Premium series 400X CompactFlash cards allow digital camera users to take thousands of photos at a time without the inconvenience of switching cards. The 64GB 400X CF card, for instance, can capture more than 13,000 still images (with a 10 megapixel camera) and record over three hours of Full HD video (1920×1080 at 38.6Mbps). Fully compliant with CompactFlash 4.1 specifications, the 400X CF cards deliver transfer speeds of up to 90MB/s read and 60MB/s write with full support for UDMA mode 6.

To assure durability and guaranteed performance, Transcend’s CF cards are manufactured using only the most advanced Flash controllers and premium quality NAND Flash memory chips. Additionally, each card features built-in ECC (Error Correction Code) that automatically detects and corrects any errors that might occur during data transfer. The 600X CF cards are offered in 8GB, 16GB and 32GB capacities, while the 400X CF cards are available in 16GB, 32GB and 64GB capacities. All CompactFlash cards carry Transcend’s renowned lifetime warranty.

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