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MSI Unveils GX640, GX740 Gaming Notebooks

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Posted March 2, 2010 by jeremy in News

MSI’s GX740 and GX640 gaming notebooks come equipped with Intel’s newest Core i5 processor with the ATI Radeon HD5870 (GX740) and HD5850 (GX640) discrete graphics cards (1GB GDDR5 VRAM) for the ultimate gaming experience. Taipei?The GX640 and GX740, the latest, greatest members of MSI G-Series, are now available on the market. They boast Intel’s newest Core i5 processor with the most advanced ATI Radeon HD5870 (GX740) and HD5850 (GX640) discrete graphics cards with 1GB GDDR5 VRAM and SRS Premium Sound. Unleash your gaming potential with their superior speed, smooth visuals, and gamer keyboards.

MSI Director of Marketing Sam Chern points out that the GX640 and GX740 are MSI’s newest gaming notebooks. To provide gamers with the fastest processing performance and best display effects available, MSI incorporated Intel’s latest Core i5 processor with ATI Radeon discrete graphics cards with 1GB GDDR5 memory, providing three times the performance of conventional display memory, while using less power. Gaming notebooks don’t come any better.

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Superior specs for superior visuals
ATI Radeon HD5870/HD5850 discrete graphics cards (1GB GDDR5 VRAM): The GX640 and GX740 come with the advanced ATI Radeon HD5870 (GX740) and HD5850 (GX640) discrete graphics cards with 1GB GDDR5 VRAM for excellent visuals that require less power. They support DirectX 11 for exceptional 3D graphics, so any 3D game you play will be realistic and smooth.

Intel Core processor: MSI’s GX640 and GX740 are equipped with Intel’s newest high performance, power sipping Core i5 processor with Turbo Boost and Intel Hyper-Threading Technology which automatically adapts to whatever you are doing on your computer, so your laptop can handle more data. It greatly enhances overall system performance.

Sub-Woofer* and SRS Premium Sound: In addition to superb processing and visual performance, the 17" GX740 comes with four cinema-class speakers and a sub-woofer in the laptop base for an extraordinary audio experience. The GX740 and GX640 also come with SRS Premium Sound and 7.1 channel output to round out the acoustic feast.
*Only the GX740 comes with a sub-woofer and four cinema-class speakers.

One touch preset modes; flexible power and performance
MSI’s ECO Engine Power Saving Technology: The GX640 and GX740 are equipped with MSI’s ECO Engine Power Saving Technology. The ECO function buttons are located in the sci-fi-ish luminescent shortcut strip. A touch of the finger is all it takes to select from among five power management levels?Game, Movie, Presentation, Word Processing, and Turbo Battery (the most stingy with battery power), for the image brightness you need when you need it.

MSI’s Cinema Pro Technology: In addition to offering the best gaming around, the GX740 and GX640 provide the ultimate cinema experience. At the touch of a button, MSI’s exclusive Cinema Pro Technology kicks in, giving you better screen resolution and richer colors. Coupled with the SRS Premium Sound and the sub-woofer, the Cinema Pro mode maximizes your cinematic experience.

Intel Turbo Boost Technology: The Intel Core i5 processor works together with the Turbo Boost Technology to make the GX740 and GX640 smarter, giving you dynamic and adaptive performance when you need it. When you’re playing, the Turbo Boost function gives you the performance power you need to maximize the experience. When you’re using less demanding applications, it automatically dials down performance, allocating system resources where they’re needed, augmenting processor performance, while maximizing battery life.

Eye-catching aluminum magnesium alloy casing
Brushed aluminum magnesium alloy body: The GX640 and GX740 have brushed aluminum magnesium alloy bodies, fire engine red trim, and a luminescent shortcut strip?very high tech looking. So both inside and out, the GX640 and GX740 simply exude high tech.

Gamer keyboard: The GX640 and GX740 both have keyboards designed with the gamer in mind. Features include an independent number keypad, W, A, S, D keys with eye-catching red arrows emblazoned on them for up, down, left, right, and a luminescent shortcut button strip above the keyboard. Everything is readily accessible, so the gamer can reach it quickly in the pitch of battle. These laptops emanate the perfect blend of sci-fi, fashion, and speed.

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