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Kingston Announces HyperX LoVo DDR3 Memory Kits

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Posted March 3, 2010 by jeremy in Hardware

The new offering is part of the new Kingston ?LoVo’ (low voltage) HyperX DDR3 High-Performance memory product line. The dual-channel kit (Kingston part #: KHX1866C9D3LK2/4GX) comes preprogrammed with two XMP-ready profiles: 1.25 volts at 1600MHz and 1.35 volts at 1866MHz. The latter profile is also a world’s first for speed matching higher frequency with a lower voltage.

Kingston is proud to lead the charge with memory for the new generation of energy efficient systems that yield higher performance,” said Mark Tekunoff, senior technology manager, Kingston. “Energy-conscious consumers need to look no further for memory than the HyperX ?LoVo’ line when they are assembling the components needed to achieve better PC power performance.

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The flagship product, running an ultra-low 1.25 volts at 1600MHz, is the lowest voltage to date for desktop PCs. In all, Kingston is debuting three HyperX DDR3 dual-channel products in the ?LoVo’ line: the dual-profile kit, a mainstream low voltage 1600MHz, 1.35 volt kit and an ultra-low voltage 1333MHz, 1.25 volt kit. Kingston tested all three kits to great success on the Asus P7P55D EVO motherboard. All of the memory offerings are designed for use in eco-friendly PCs as systems delivering higher performance while using smaller energy footprints become reality.

Kingston HyperX memory is backed by a lifetime warranty and free 24/7 technical support. For detailed information please visit the Kingston Web site at www.kingston.com.

Part details:

  • KHX1333C9D3UK2/4GX – 2GB x 2 ; 1333 MHz ; CL 9-9-9-27 ; 1.25V
  • KHX1600C9D3LK2/4GX – 2GB x 2 ; 1600 MHz ; CL 9-9-9-27 ; 1.35V
  • KHX1866C9D3LK2/4GX (XMP Profile 2) – 2GB x 2 ; 1600 MHz ; CL 9-9-9-27 ; 1.25V
  • KHX1866C9D3LK2/4GX (XMP Profile 1) – 2GB x 2 ; 1866 MHz ; CL 9-9-9-27 ; 1.35V

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