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Evercool Launches “Hawk 1” Notebook Cooling Pad

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Posted March 22, 2010 by jeremy in Cooling

EVERCOOL Thermal Corp., Ltd., one of the famous and professional cooler and fan manufacturers in Taiwan. In 2010, EVERCOOL has launched Hawk 1, which design uses black and simple lines to appear aesthetic with strong, stable and durable. Besides these points, the followings are the features for Hawk.

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Ultra Thin Design
Nowadays, for environmental and improved techniques, the mainstream of 3C products is light and thin. And the ?ultra thin? design of Hawk1 is an example of this mainstream, its average height is 1 inch. The ergonomics design provides a suitable angle for users to lean their wrist on comfortably; therefore, Hawk1 suits to students and office workers, who need to use laptop for a long time. Moreover, its ultra thin design is easy to carry and storage.

Metal iron mesh for both appearance and cooling
The design concept of high-density metal iron mesh appears solid and firm. The 8cm fan makes the good ventilation for silent and great cooling efficiency, and keeps the stable operation of Notebook.

Best choice for Netbook and 15?Notebook
Wide 300mm x length 264mm, its compatibility is great for Netbook and 11?-15? Notebook (including CULV).

USB for power, easy to storage
USB for power is very easy, and the USB line can be stored in the groove. Moreover, USB can be pulled out from right or left side according to where the USB port is. It is a considerate design for users.

To sum up the advantages above, you must think the price of Hawk1 is high; actually, it?s opposite. It has a competitive and acceptable price. If you are looking for the good C/P of notebook cooling pad, Hawk is absolutely the best choice for you then.

For more details, please visit our website: http://www.evercool.com.tw.
Hawk1 video at Youtubehttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rdRAUf6-rdU

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