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ECS USA Distributes Donation to the ?Levantemos Chile!? Campaign

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Posted March 24, 2010 by jeremy in Hardware

Since Chile’s massive earthquake on Feb. 27th, people have been trying to fathom the scale of the destruction. The damage is beyond imagination. Thousands of houses were destroyed; out of water, electricity and worst of all, hundreds of deaths. The need is so great. ECS Elitegroup has been increasingly dedicated to humanity and socially responsible. And, that spirit is spreading and expanding to ECS branch offices.

We, at ECS USA, have allied with our authorized distributors in Chile and would like to devote our best effort to assist the needs in Chile. With the sale of every Motherboard and Graphics Card to ECS? authorized distribution channel in Chile, ECS will donate USD$1 to the ?Levantemos Chile!? (Let?s Lift Chile) campaign returning to the Chilean community. ECS? authorized distribution channel is very supportive to this charity campaign. We hope our channel and customers will join us as we launch it. Everyone?s contribution is very important to make a difference and bring many smiles to millions of faces.

Our only motivation is to contribute with hope to the people of Chile. We understand and comprehend the need of thousands of people in their country. At ECS, we are aware of this and at the same time happy to be able to help. commented Ray Lin, Vice President of ECS USA.

How we will help

  • Charity campaign: ECS USA distributes donation to the ?Levantemos Chile!? (Let?s Lift Chile) campaign
  • Donation: Initial up-front donation of USD$1000.
  • Donation Valid: March 1st to May 31st. Donation will be paid out monthly.
  • Authorized Distributors: Bell Micro, Ingram Micro and Tecnoglobal
  • Program: For every ECS Motherboard and Graphics Card purchased by our authorized distributors, ECS will donate USD$1 to the ?Levantemos Chile!? campaign.

Levantemos Chile! (Let?s Lift Chile) Campaign
Levantemos Chile! is a campaign of public good that aspires to commit the energy of all Chileans for the reconstruction of the country.

Levantemos Chile! is also a cause that looks to channelize the energy or thousands of volunteers who want to serve suffering Chileans.

How you can help, as well
If you would prefer to help directly please send your support to the ?Levantemos Chile!? campaign.


Every donation made is appreciated and needed!

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