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Albatron Technology Releases OTM215L1 Touch Monitor, Passes WHQL Certification

Posted March 19, 2010 by jeremy in Displays

To provide the best “touch” experience and ensure the best compatibility with “Windows Touch” structure, Albatron Technology spent lots of time in tuning the accuracy of multi-touch function in developing stage. With WHQL certification, user can enable multi-touch function under Windows 7 without install driver; furthermore, the “calibration-free” design brings plug-n-touch experience to all users, no need to calibrate by users.

When users have OTM215L1, they are free from installing mouse & keyboard. By multi-touch function & Windows 7 embedded “Virtual keyboard”, users can do click or drag object on screen, and can even input text on screen via virtual keyboard. It does save more space for you.

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Three advantages of Albatron OTM215L1
Besides driver-free & plug-n-touch, there are three key advantages of OTM215L1:

  • Damage resistant: The hardness of the tempered glass reaches “Mohs hardness 8”, which provides the best protection to the monitor..
  • Ultra durable: The 50,000 hours MTBF provides the most durable touch experience.
  • Ultra accurate: OTM215L1 passed the test with 5mm diameter stylus, comply with Windows 7 WHQL requirement.
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