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Intel Clarksdale and Arrandale review roundup

Posted January 4, 2010 by admin in News

Speaking specifically of Clarksdale (desktop) for a moment, the i3’s look like nice performers for the money and seem to overclock handsomely – above 4ghz might be the norm here. The lowest of the new models, the i3 530, will set you back just $113 and may very well dethrone AMD as the new price/performance champ. Outside of the i3’s, the rest of the SKUs launched today look disappointingly overpriced and feature-light when compared to the lower end Lynnfields, so read on below for all the details, good and bad.

Links below:

Arrandale (Core i5 540M)
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Clarkdale (Core i5 661, i3 540 & i3 530)
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