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Dell shows off Studio XPS 16 concept laptop with OLED screen

Posted January 9, 2010 by admin in Displays

Two things bug me when it comes to laptops. The first is the usually unimpressive battery life when doing anything more abusive than circling the mouse cursor over and over. The second is the poor image quality of the screens. To help save battery life, screen quality has always been compromised and with no choices currently on the market beyond TN Film, we can?t escape the poor viewing angles of the technology.

So Dell?s concept XPS16 laptop at CES is surely going to put some smiles on the faces of image quality geeks today, as it sports an OLED panel. No word yet on when we can expect something like this to hit retail, but it is a good sign of what’s to come.

Beautiful viewing angle and legitimately wide viewing angle, the Studio XPS 16 OLED concept laptop was on hand and turning heads at Dell’s CES suite. It’s definitely a beaut, claiming a super-thin 2mm screen, a 0.004ms response time, and a contrast ratio “exceeding 10,000:1.


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