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Nvidia GeForce 300 series slides surface, could be fast

Posted December 14, 2009 by admin in News

The slides show two SKU’s, imaginatively named the GTX 360 and GTX 380 (how do they do it?) pitting it against the 5970 and 5870, all tested at 1920×1200.

Gallery: GTX 360 and 380 slides
Highslide JS
Highslide JS
Highslide JS

A few things to consider first: (1) The slides are unverified, so could be fakes. (2) Even if real, they are internal or NDA based slides that are never to be fully trusted anyway. Best wait for more information before fanboying ?till you lose your voice.

If these turn out to be rather accurate, things could be good for NVIDIA going forward and for all of us, too, as we could see some price drops from AMD after the new year when Fermi launches.


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