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PowerColor Announces Radeon HD 5970 2GB

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Posted November 18, 2009 by Jake in News

As the most powerful card in the world, this stunning graphics solution clocks at 725 MHz core speed and 1000 MHz effective memory speed. Memory data transmission rates up to 4.0 Gb/s, delivering unprecedented performance.

The PowerColor HD5970 is built with 3200 stream processing units, ready to tackle all the most demanding HD titles; with almost 5 teraFLOPs of compute power, it puts the power of graphics “supercomputing” in the hands of extreme gamers. Furthermore, the PowerColor HD5970 has massive headroom for overclocking capabilities giving all gamers the control and flexibility to tune their custom rig for maximum performance.

The PowerColor HD5970 aims to fulfill all the most demanding game titles for the toughest hardcore gamers. All gamers should be excited about the announcement of the fastest graphics solution ever. says Ted Chen, CEO of TUL Corporation.

Compatible with all the latest technologies, the PowerColor HD5970 supports ATI Eyefinity, equipped with built-in HDMI and 7.1 surround audio and UVD2, enables a true-to-life HD video experience. Support for Microsoft DirectX 11 and ATI CrossfireX technology, it can speed up your gaming performance to its full potential like you have never imaged before.

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