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Erik Estavillo sues WOW, expect a good laugh

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Posted November 26, 2009 by admin in Gaming

Filed today at the Superior Court of California, Mr Estavillo has a list of complaints in his suit, one being walking. He suggests that it takes too long to get from one point to the other in the game world. Because you can only speed up through extended play or buy purchasing an expansion pack, this qualifies as "deceitful".

But if you think that?s bad enough, how about requesting to subpoena Winona Ryder and Martin Lee Gore of Depeche Mode?

Gore was subpoenaed because ?he himself has been known to be sad, lonely, and alienated as can be seen in the songs he writes,? and Ryder because of her and Estavillo?s common interest in the J.D. Salinger book The Catcher in the Rye. Ryder would be able to, ?explain the significance of alienation in Catcher in the Rye and will also testify to how alienation in the book can tie to alienation in real live/video games such as World of Warcraft.?

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