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Arctic Cooling Announces Arctic RC Pro Thermodynamic RAM Cooler for Overclockers

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Posted October 29, 2009 by admin in Cooling

Following the design concept of the award-winning ARCTIC RC, this Pro version also features long aluminium fins as well as highly conductive thermal pads. The fins are extended to 5cm which lead to a significant increase in heat transfer area and optimized natural convection.

The pre-applied thermal pads efficiently draw heat out from the RAM to the fins. The ARCTIC RC PRO is securely assembled by 3 screws. By giving high pressure to the two heatsinks, thermal pads will firmly lay on the modules for best heat dissipation.

While a generic heat spreader has only limited cooling effect on the RAM, the ARCTIC RC PRO powerfully lowers the temperature by 50%*. Such unparalleled temperature reduction extends the RAM service life and boosts overclocking to a new level.

User-friendly design

Installation is easy and can be done in just two minutes. The packaging is precisely designed for positioning the RAM accurately on the ARCTIC RC PRO. After fastening 3 screws, users can start enjoying the improved RAM performance brought by this revolutionary cooler. The ARCTIC RC PRO is compatible with single or double sided DDR2 and DDR3 SDRAM modules. It is also compatible with the RC Turbo Module ? an add-on cooler with two 60mm fans for those who are looking for extreme RAM overclocking.

One package contains a pair of ARCTIC RC PRO. This product is available in November 2009. The MSRP is US$ 9.95 and 6.95? (excl. VAT).

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