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LucidLogix Multi-GPU Computing With Faster, More Flexible HYDRA 200 Chip

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Posted September 23, 2009 by admin in Hardware

For the first time ever, motherboard, graphics card manufacturers and users can have the flexibility to use different combinations of GPUs from AMD (ATI) and NVIDIA in notebooks and PCs. The solution delivers faster 3D graphics at consumer price points.

The new HYDRA 200 SoC is Lucid’s second generation parallel graphics processor that works with any GPU, CPU or chipset to provide scalable 3D graphics performance in a multi-GPU computing environment. On display for the first time at IDF 2009 (booth 213) HYDRA 200 is faster, more flexible, smaller and more power-efficient than its predecessor silicon, the HYDRA 100.

We’ve further refined our HYDRA engine and made it faster and more flexible, allowing for a near limitless combination of GPU’s. HYDRA 200 allows the consumer to get more ?bang for their GPU buck’ by extending the life of their current GPU investment, providing even faster graphics performance and later upgrading their system with whatever card they choose, said Lucid vice president of research and development, David Belz. Until now, multi-GPU systems have been graphics vendor specific and generally require the consumer to be fairly technically savvy. With Lucid HYDRA 200, OEMs can offer custom configurations at different price/performance targets, and consumers will be able to easily add graphics hardware to achieve an overall performance boost without the worry of compatibility. Gamers with a need for speed now have a solution that’s optimized for their performance requirements by allowing them to choose the right chip for the job, or simply upgrade without throwing away the old one. HYDRA 200 currently supports Windows Vista and Windows 7 operating systems as well as DirectX 9.0c and 10.1 standard APIs and is DirectX 11 ready.

HYDRA 200 Tech Specs

The adaptive and dynamic parallel graphics load-balancing scheme of HYDRA 200 resolves bottlenecks in the system and optimizes the usage of GPU resources with minimal power consumption. HYDRA 200 is a 65nm PCIe compatible SoC that also features:

  • Low power use of under 6W, making it ideal for graphic cards, notebooks or desktops as there is no need for a special heatsink
  • A small footprint (18-22mm) that allows for a compact design
  • GPU connector free, making it easy to integrate into systems
  • Supports multiple display configurations For systems using dual, tri or quad GPU combinations

I cannot say the graphics wars are over, but technology demonstrated by Lucid clearly levels the playing field when it comes to GPU scaling. And with multi-core graphics growing at a rate of ten percent year over year, it will be interesting to see what kind of momentum a mass market M GPU can have in the marketplace, said Dr. Jon G Peddie.

HYDRA 200 Availability

With universal GPU support and a variety of configurations, the HYDRA 200 makes system integration swift and worry-free. HYDRA 200 is available now for reference designs in three models:

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