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Lian Li Launches PC-7FN and PC-60FN Mid-Tower Chassis

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Posted September 3, 2009 by Jake in Cases & PSU

The cases’ dimensions stand at 210mm x 470mm x 490mm (W, H, D) . They support ATX, and Micro-ATX form factors, with 4x 3.5″ drive bays; 8x PCI Expansion Slots, and 5x 5.25? ODD bays with one removable 5.25? to 3.5? convertor. The stylish, minimalist and optimized theme incorporates 1.5mm to 1.2mm thick aluminum anodized panels with a hairline brushed finish to an all round quality product. The difference between the PC-7FN and PC-60FN is the front panel design. The PC-7FN has smooth rounded vent holes, while the PC-60FN has a more open bezel front face. Each caters for a unique different taste.

Superior Airflow
The PC-7FN & PC-60FN have crisp airflow solutions from front low to high back, which gives optimal performance for the two internal fans, one a 14cm LED long-life bearing intake fan runs at 1000RPM, and has a washable nylon air filter on the front bezel end. The 120mm exhaust fan (1200RPM) has no LED, and is mounted high up on the back end, and silently extracts hot air directly from the CPU region.

Convenient tool-less construction
The front panel is easily removable and replaceable with Lian Li?s unique vibration softening clips. In addition there are anti-vibration couplings on the removable motherboard tray, and side panels to prevent vibration from affecting the silence. The HDD cage supports 4x 3.5?HDD?s which are secured with HDD brackets that are clipped onto the HDD. The HDD?s are supported with a patented anti-vibration, tool-less mounting, with special rubber grommets to secure the thumb screws which are mounted onto the HDD securing bracket. The HDD securing bracket snugly supports the HDD in rubber insulation, while acting as a very basic heatsink, drawing off the heat generated by those super fast HDD?s. The 8xPCI slots have a tool-less securing with thumb screws.

For those using water cooling, the PC-7FN & PC-60FN have an entrance and exit hole for water tubes, secured by rubber stoppers. The PCI brackets have vent holes to increase airflow from within the case. The top cover is easily removable for modding projects, as is the front panel and all wires are kept within the main frame; out of harm?s way.

General Specifications
The Power supply unit (PSU) should be secured at the bottom rear of the case with a tool-less securing clasp, and has special insulation to prevent vibration, while the space itself is large enough to cater for big power supplies. There is also an air filter for the special vent which directly filters the cool air entering for the PSU from the bottom of the case. The ODD bays (5x 5.25? bays; one for 3.5 inch convertor) have 2 x tool-less brackets to secure your topmost ODD?s without fuss. If you require more, you will need to screw in the ODD?s to secure them. Multi-media I/O ports on top of the case are enclosed with a dust cover and include 2x USB 2.0 and a microphone and headset speaker jack which support AC97+HD Audio.

Traditional Durability
The classical stylish functional design is the Lian Li goal. The essence of Lian Li products is the craftsmanship of the engineering. Intrinsic to the workmanship and quality is the customization which includes a whole host of optional extras that can be purchased to add more features to an already feature rich product.

Highlights for PC-7FN and PC-60FN

  • Full system tool-less design
  • PSU tool-less securing bracket
  • 8x PCI expansion slots for convenient three-way SLI or CrossFireX configurations
  • PSU airflow vent
  • Supports ATX and Micro-ATX motherboard
  • Vented PCI brackets for extra cooling options
  • PCI brackets mounted with thumb screws, no tools required
  • Removable side, front and top panels
  • Front input 140mm blue LED Fan @1000RPM
  • 1x120mm Rear Fan@1200RPM
  • Multi-media I/O ports in top panel
  • Anti-vibration HDD cage with HDD brackets
  • Folded elements to prevent sharp edges
  • Tools-less CD-ROM claspers with rubber support
  • Openings on motherboard tray allow for easy CPU cooler change, and cable routing
  • Liquid cooling ready, with rubberized stopers
  • Availability: Arriving at local distributors beginning of October
  • MSRP: US$129+local VAT for both models

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