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SAPPHIRE Brings HD 4650 Power to AGP users

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Posted August 13, 2009 by Jake in News

The SAPPHIRE HD 4650 AGP brings the features of the highly acclaimed HD 4000 series to the users of older PC systems with the AGP graphics bus. In addition to dramatically increased graphics performance, this means support for all the latest generation of games with DirectX 10.1 and the ability to smoothly play HD and Blu-Ray DVD?s with the built-in hardware UVD decoder. It also allows users to accelerate tasks such as video transcoding (converting video formats to play on portable devices) and other new applications supporting ATI Stream technology.

With its 320 Stream processors, 128-bit memory interface and 1GB of on-board memory, the SAPPHIRE HD 4650 AGP brings the power of the latest graphics architectures to the AGP bus. This new card supports 24x custom filter anti-aliasing (CFAA) and high performance anisotropic filtering. Connected via the standard AGP bus with support for AGP 8x/4x, the SAPPHIRE HD 4650 brings exciting new levels of performance and image quality.

The board has 2 DVI connectors and TV-out and is supplied with a variety of connectors to simplify use with any type of monitor. Display on an HDMI device such as flat screen TV is also supported with a dongle supplied, but due to limitations of the AGP bus, audio over HDMI is not supported. Supplementary power is required via a standard 6-pin connector and a 4-pin molex to 6-pin adapter cable is provided for users who do not have this type of connector on their system PSU.

All SAPPHIRE graphics cards in the HD 4000 series incorporate the latest ATI Avivo? HD Technology for enhanced Video display and feature a new generation built in hardware UVD (Unified Video decoder) considerably reducing CPU load and delivering smooth decoding of Blu-ray? and HD DVD content for both VC-1 and H.264 codecs, as well as Mpeg files.

SAPPHIRE HD 4000 series graphics cards are Microsoft Windows Vista? Premium certified and supported by the ATI Catalyst? suite of software, ensuring customers have ongoing access to software updates for performance, stability and added features. These cards support DirectX 10.1 for enhanced rendering performance and lighting effects. With the latest drivers, the SAPPHIRE HD 4000 series also offers ATI Stream processing for the acceleration of video transcoding and other supported applications.

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