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CyberPower Extends ?Venom Boost? to All Core i7 Gaming Rigs

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Posted August 20, 2009 by Jake in News

CyberPower?s ?Venom Boost? offering is a safe way to obtain maximum performance from your CPU for running games with high frame rates, opening multiple applications or working with resource-hungry applications that demand a super-fast CPU. CyberPower customers are assured that all factory overclocked systems are fine-tuned with the proper voltage settings and CPU cooling. Every system overclocked by CyberPower carries the full standard warranty.

CyberPower?s Venom Boost options include Pro OC, which overclocks the CPU 10% or more, or Extreme OC, which gives your CPU a 20% or more performance boost. Users seeking the maximum performance will value the extreme OC which can take a Core i7 975 to 4.0GHz or beyond.

Overclocking is the best way to get more value from your system. Overclocking the CPU insures your system will crush any game or application you launch. With a CPU overclock, loading times in FPS (first-person shooter) games are quicker and you can begin fragging before others. Aside from the increase in performance during gaming, your CyberPower Venom Boosted system will also boot up quicker and be more responsive when running multi-threaded applications.

About CyberPower Inc.
CyberPower Inc. was founded in 1998 and has emerged as one of the leading custom computer system manufacturers. Headquartered in Baldwin Park in Southern California , CyberPower manufactures and distributes a complete line of custom built gaming machines, notebook systems and high performance workstations to meet the unique needs of gamers, businesses, government agencies, educational institutions and other end-users. For more information visit http://www.cyberpowerpc.com.

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