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Walton Chaintech Announces APOGEE Pronto eSATA Drive

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Posted June 22, 2009 by admin in News

This product specifically targets users who require better performance and capacities than conventional flash pen drives but do not require speeds to run software and operating systems like SSDs.

The APOGEE Pronto eSATA has dualistic connectors, supporting both the eSATA and USB ports. This flexibility allows users to use the Pronto as a simple high capacity storage device, while also supporting read/write speeds of 90/50MB/s respectively, about three times faster than conventional flash pen drives. Available in 32G and 64G capacities, the Pronto supports users to store a multitude of different file types, from multimedia to office documents or any combination of both.

If users are looking for a product that holds more information, has faster data transfer speeds than conventional USB flash drives, look no further than the APOGΣΣ Pronto eSATA drive.

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