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NVIDIA-Powered DELL Laptop Features Killer HD Video And Gaming To Go

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Posted June 1, 2009 by admin in News

The GeForce 9400M in the Dell Studio 14z delivers up to five times faster graphics performance than Centrino 2 notebooks to accelerate image editing, video playback, and video conversion. With vReveal, the Studio 14z can fix grainy, shaky video twice as fast as comparable notebooks, and then let you upload the video to YouTube in minutes.

The Studio 14z is also ideal for quickly converting video from desktop resolution to a personal media player. By running Badaboom Media Converter software on the GeForce 9400M, users can convert video up to 6 times faster than using a comparable notebook with standard integrated graphics.

Starting at only $649, the Studio 14z is the most affordable GeForce 9400M GPU-based notebook in North America. Yet it is powerful enough to deliver a superb high definition Blu-ray movie experience with an optional Blu-ray drive on the notebook’s screen, or onto a larger screen via HDMI.

Our groundbreaking GeForce 9400M graphics processor gives the Dell Studio 14z superior performance at a solid value. It delivers a great experience whether you’re working or playing, catching up with your friends on Facebook, enjoying high definition video, or playing games like World of WarCraft said Rene Haas, general manager for notebook GPUs at NVIDIA.

This is the second Dell notebook to feature the GeForce 9400M graphics processor, following the January introduction of the Dell Studio XPS 13. The Dell Studio One 19 desktop PC also features GeForce 9400M.

The GeForce 9400M GPU boasts 16 CUDA parallel processing cores to deliver:

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