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Super Talent UltraDrive over 5x Performance Boost on Apple Mac

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Posted May 27, 2009 by admin in Hardware

During compatibility testing Super Talent was able to improve boot time by up to 58% and achieve performance gains of over 5.3x vs. the stock Apple Hard Disk Drive (HDD). The UltraDrive ME delivered 32x the bandwidth of the HDD on 256K Random Writes as measured by the xBench standard benchmark. The UltraDrive also outperformed the Apple SSD by 2.5x.

On the Mac Pro Super Talent was able to achieve nearly 420 MB/sec write speeds with 3 SSDs in RAID0. This configuration delivered enough bandwidth to write three uncompressed HD video streams in parallel.

The market reception to our UltraDrive SSDs has been tremendous. We are proud to announce that the family now supports Apple MacBook, MacBook Pro, and Mac Pro lines. Apple users who upgrade with our products are going to be delighted with the simplicity of upgrading and the outstanding performance they will attain said Jeremy Werner, Sr. Product Marketing Manager for Super Talent.

Complete benchmarking data is available on Super Talent’s website in their new whitepaper UltraDrive LE/ME Performance in Apple Mac at http://www.supertalent.com/datasheets/SuperTalent%20Ultradrive%20Apple%20Whitepaper.pdf

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