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RealNetworks Files Anti-Trust Suit Against MPAA

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Posted May 14, 2009 by Jake in News

This comes on the heels of Intel’s massive anti-trust fine by the EU.

RealNetworks has become aware of facts demonstrating that the DVD CCA and the Studio Defendants have engaged in both a horizontal group boycott of RealNetworks,” Real said in it’s filing. “The testimony of the Studio Defendants during the preliminary injunction hearing further confirmed the existence of a horizontal conspiracy.”

The witnesses unambiguously confirmed the Studios’ position that the (Content Scrambling System) License Agreement (which is needed to legally make copies of DVDs) resulted from a joint agreement among the Studios to prohibit all copies of DVD content unless the Studios jointly authorize the making of such a copy. Real alleged in the document that the studios were guilty of anti-competitive practices when they agreed to block anyone from making copies of DVDs without their permission.

No doubt the Pirate Bay founders are smiling at the sweet irony of this development.

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