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Lancool launches DragonLord ?K? Series Midi Tower Gaming Chassis

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Posted May 29, 2009 by admin in Cases & PSU

The completely tool-less design which filtered down from Lian Li?s high end aluminum cases makes this chassis both feature rich as well as friendly on price.

The cases come in four different models, ranging from the budget PC-K56, PC-K58, PC-K60 with the high-end PC-K62 dominating. They are all constructed with ease of use, and ease of installation in mind. The patented too-less HDD cage combines with patented anti-vibration rubber grommets to suspend the HDD?s in a noise free environment. The ODD bays are mounted using a tool-less device to secure the drives fast, while dampening the noise from the mechanical moving parts. The power supply unit is clipped via a clasp with rubber anti-vibration support and also requires no tools. The all-new tool-less aluminum clasps for holding the PCI cards and tool-less cable clamps combined with innovative design features such as the unique vent holes below the PSU and special anti vibration fan mountings. The removable top cover and front panel, as well as special covered holes for water pipe installations make this series stand alone in terms of the price performance ratio. The case supports 8 PCI slots as well as VGA cards up to 285mm long, so for those who need to install 3-way SLI or CrossFireX, they will have the necessary space to do so.

Differences between the different Lancool DragonLord K series chassis

The PC-K62 has one front 140mm blue LED fan @1000RPM, dual top mounted anti-vibration 140mm blue LED fans at 1000RPM, and one rear 120mm fan@1500RPM. The top fans are mounted on anti-vibration rubber grommets to reduce noise. The PC-K62 only comes with a windowed side panel. The chassis stands at 210x460x490mm (W, H, D). This case features a black interior.

The PC-K60 has one front 140mm fan @1000RPM, dual top mounted anti-vibratation 140mm fans @1000RPM, and one rear 120mm fan@1500RPM. The top fans are mounted on anti-vibration rubber grommets to reduce noise. The side panel with a window is optional. The chassis stands at 210x460x490mm (W, H, D).

The PC-K58 has only a front 120mm fan @1200RPM, and a rear 120mm fan@1500RPM. The chassis does not have the top fans mounted under the top panel, but they can be added on later to support dual 140mm fan setups. The chassis stands at 214x496x498mm(W,H,D).

The PC-K56 has a front 120mm fan@1200RPM, the rear120 fan@1500RPM and stands at 210x60x490mm (W, H, D). The top panel is flat and unvented.

For more details on features please visit the http://lancoolpc.com/tw/product/upload/image/kseries/index.html

Highlights for Lancool DragonLord ?K? series

  • Full system tool-less design
  • First in the market! PSU tool-less securing bracket
  • 8x PCI expansion slots for convenient Tri-SLI or CrossFireX configurations
  • Anti-vibration rubberized HDD bracket
  • Supports ATX and Micro-ATX motherboards
  • Removable side, front and top panels
  • Front input 120mm Fan + *dual top 140mm Fans+ 1x 120mm Rear Fan (*Model dependant)
  • Multi-media I/O ports in top panel
  • Anti-vibration HDD cage
  • Folded elements to prevent sharp edges
  • Availability: Arriving at local distributors end of July
  • MSRP: PC-K62 US$110+VAT
  • MSRP: PC-K60 US$95+VAT
  • MSRP: PC-K58 US$80+VAT
  • MSRP: PC-K56 US$75+VAT

About Lancool
Lancool is a brand owned by Lian-Li Industrial Co. Ltd, using over 20 years of service excellence, ISO 9001 certification and a team of professional staff willing to do the utmost to deliver durable, superior quality products, the Lancool brand is set to cater for the mainstream gamer and enthusiast in the mid- to high-end market segment . The Hybrid Aluminum and Steel Chassis give a unique and definitive solution to the discerning needs of enthusiast level gamers.

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