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HD Video of LANParty DKX58 Available on FirstZoom.tv

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Posted May 22, 2009 by Jake in CPU & Motherboards

Aduzai Co. Ltd., a Taiwan based video production company, was commissioned by DFI Inc. to create a HD quality video for one of their latest motherboards and to help to promote it internationally. The video was launched on the FirstZoom.tv portal as well as on many other video portals, including YouTube. The video depicts the many features that are available on the LANParty DKX58 motherboard from DFI that usually go unnoticed when looking at a specifications sheet or pictures of this motherboard.

Additional high quality pictures of the products are available for your website and brochures at the DFI picture gallery to be found below the video at http://www.flickr.com/photos/firstzoomtv/sets/72157617992394938/

Keep your eyes open for PureOC’s upcoming review of the DFI X58 motherboard.

DFI LANParty DKX58- T3eH6
The DFI DKX58 is a Intel Core i7 platform motherboard specifically designed for overclockers and PC hardware enthusiasts. The specialized cooling seen on the video as well as the other integrated features are all geared towards optimizing the best performance from a PC system. The BIOS alone has over 100 settings which could daunt even the most experienced tweaker, however, let no man say that DFI did not give you the tools to make your machine purr to perfection. Take the time to leave a video response and let us know your experiences with this motherboard here: http://www.youtube.com/video_response_upload?v=c6Q-nYGCcwE

About Aduzai Co. Ltd
Aduzai Co. Ltd is a Taipei based video production and promotion service. Aduzai Co. Ltd. Was created to support companies with limited video production and promotion capabilities. We create and promote Internet HD quality videos of a company and its products. Aduzai Co. Ltd has native English speaking script writers to create professional content, a pool of native English speaking presenters or narrators and a large global database of journalist and media contacts to share the videos with. Content created by FirstZoom.tv is aggregated on it’s on video portal as well as distributed through all major video sharing portals like YouTube, Google video, Yahoo!Video, Metacafe, BlipTV, Viddler, Facebook, MySpace etc.

The video content created by Aduzai serves as complementary material to the usual product marketing materials and press releases created by manufacturers.

About FirstZoom.tv
FirstZoom.tv is an online Web tv portal featuring the content created by Aduzai Co. Ltd. for its clients. There are many other videos from the technology arena to view and all may be linked or syndicated should you find the news interesting on the FirstZoom.tv site. The FirstZoom.tv Portal is one of the many ways we are reaching out to allow people from all walks of life to experience the high quality video content. FirstZoom.tv includes professional photos and a brief rundown of the video in a text form that can be viewed under each video. FirstZoom encourages as much syndication as possible for the benefit of our clients who are very proud of their products and want to share the information about them as widely as possible.

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