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Thrustmaster Announces Aerial Gaming Pack

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Posted April 29, 2009 by Jake in Gaming

This hot new bundle is now available for $79.99 SRP at Amazon.com, Dell.com, Buy.com and Microcenter and more information can be found at http://www.thrustmaster.com

By Bundling the T.16000M joystick with Tom Clancy?s H.A.W.X.?, Thrustmaster guarantees total immersion in the world of aerial combat. Our joystick and this game are ideal companions and perfectly adapted for another says Winn Keaten, U.S. Marketing Manager for the Thrustmaster brand.

The T.16000M features a default configuration for Tom Clancy?s H.A.W.X.? allowing you to just plug and play instantly without any setup. As soon as you open the box you will be drafted into an elite fighter squadron, ready to handle any of the game?s 50 available planes.

The latest innovation in the Thrustmaster joystick range, the T.16000M features their new proprietary HALLEFFECT ACCURATE TECHNOLOGY? (H.E.A.R.T.) which provides surgical precision while gaming. This technology relies on 3D Hall Effect magnetic sensors located on the T.16000M stick. The resulting precision is 256 times greater than most current systems, with over 16,000 different values per axis!

Designed with three separate parts, including two removable parts and one rotary component, The T.16000M is fully ambidextrous and suited for both left-handed and right-handed joystick users. The joystick also features a wide hand-rest that alleviates gaming fatigue when multiple missions are consecutively played and the weighted base ensures full stability during quick manoeuvres, such as Cobra-style pursuits or Kulbit attacks.

All of the game’s essential features are pre-allocated to the joystick’s 16 action buttons. The E.R.S. (Enhanced Reality System), the central innovation in Tom Clancy?s H.A.W.X.?, can be activated or deactivated with the simple push of a button. The E.R.S. provides pilots with radar and missile detection, crash protection, damage assessment features and much more. From newbie?s to seasoned veterans, all pilots using this controller will become fearsome fighters.

The T.16000M + Tom Clancy?s H.A.W.X.? PC limited edition bundle is now available exclusively in the U.S., at the suggested retail price of $79.99. To discover the Thrustmaster complete product range visit www.thrustmaster.com

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