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TechPowerUp Releases GPU-Z Update

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Posted April 30, 2009 by Jake in News

GPU-Z is a very popular graphics sub-system diagnostic utility that TPU has developed in-house. It provides information on the computer’s installed graphics hardware, their various specifications, and provides real-time updates on their parameters such as clock-speeds, temperatures, and fan-speeds. The utility is backed by our overclock validation system, and an extensive video-card BIOS database.

With the new version, TPU has isolated and fixed a few bugs, added general application compatibility and expanded support for new GPUs. The most significant changes are listed below:

  • Fixed RV740-specific Bugs: ROP count, shader count, real-time core clock, BIOS dump size
  • Added voltage reading support for Radeon HD 4890, fixed BIOS reading, fixed its transistor count
  • GPU-Z should work again on Windows 2000 without PSAPI.DLL
  • Fixed default clock-speed reading on ATI cards that have default clock lower than boot clock

For a complete version history, and to download, visit the http://www.techpowerup.com/gpuz/

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