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Nvidia Moves up Launch of GTX 275

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Posted April 1, 2009 by Jake in News

The embargo on the Radeon 4890 lifts tomorrow, so expect an onslaught of reviews to hit the Net. Not one to be content to sit on the sidelines, NVIDIA has moved the launch date for the GTX 275 up to April 2nd, hoping to steal some thunder from AMD. The move was said to happen at the last possible moment in order to prevent AMD from rescheduling their launch.

There is a significant difference between the two launches, however, as ATI has the 4890 hitting shelves, and Nvidia’s will be a paper launch. With no GTX 275 cards actually available on shelves, the announcement is a tactical move designed to minimize the marketing impact of the 4890.

Whether it’s successful remains to be seen. Leaked information has the 4890 outperforming the 4870 in the 15% magnitude, with OC editions likely competing with the GTX 285, so the GTX 275 announcement might just be somewhat ignored.

The actual availability of the GTX 275 through the retail channels likely won’t be for a couple weeks until mid-April.

Like two titans, the battle continues.

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