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MSI Unveils N285GTX Hydrogen OC

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Posted April 30, 2009 by Jake in News

It features an exclusive Waterblock Thermal cooler with an ISO Standard Size Pipe Thread design and All Solid Capacitors. This water cooling solution provides a low operating temperature while staying very silent. Furthermore, the MSI N285GTX HydroGen OC is equipped with a 1-slot design and therefore suitable for a three-way SLI system.

Waterblock Thermal Design
MSI N285GTX HydroGen OC is equipped with an all copper Waterblock Thermal cooler, which decreases temperature by more than 40% compared to conventional fan coolers. Overclockers now have more possibilities to push voltages and bus speeds to the maximum. The waterclock is made of lathe-processed sub-millimeter sized copper. With this extra thin water cooling tank with small 0.45mm micro channels the N285GTX HydroGen?s heat dissipation efficiency even beats competitors? with a double-sized conductor body.

ISO Standard Size Pipe Thread Design ? match all standard
The MSI N285GTX HydroGen uses the internationally accepted G ? Inch (DIN ISO 228-1) standard for the water tank pipe thread. Different from other manufactures who are applying a closed and self-contained system, this utilization of the DIN ISO standard pipe thread doesn?t only help to save money for consumables such as pumps, water pipes, cooling liquid etc., but also offers full compatibility for existing and additional upgrade water cooling systems.

1-Slot Design
Power users and gaming enthusiasts can use 3-way SLI with the MSI N285GTX HydroGen OC, which is based on a 1-slot design. The 1-Slot solution also reduces the actual weight of the graphics card whereby weight pressure on the slot is minimized.

Extra long lifespan capacitors
High performance graphics cards consume a lot of power. A power supply’s performance has a direct impact on the total lifespan, stability and overclocking capabilities. The MSI N285GTX HydroGen OC is therefore equipped with all solid capacitors, ensuring a long lifespan and great power efficiency.

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