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MSI Releases GTX260 Lightning

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Posted April 20, 2009 by Jake in News

MSI N260GTX Lightning has ?Military Class? features, which redefine the standards of top quality graphics cards. With its 1792MB double-sized memory and dual fan design, MSI N260GTX Lightning becomes the most unique GeForce GTX260 on the market. Furthermore, this graphics card has important overclocking features which are implemented by advice of top overclockers, like voltage measure points and MSI exclusive ?AirForce Panel?. All the user has to do is slightly touch the panel to enjoy high speed performance by overclocking!

World?s first 10 Phase Power PWM
MSI N260GTX Lightning is the world?s first graphics card with 10 phase power PWM for a maximum overclocking performance. The GPU needs more power than a CPU, so that is why 8 phases are reserved for the GPU and 2 phases for the Memory, to improve the total power supply and stability for overclocking capabilities. Next to that, this card is equipped with V-Checkpoints for measuring the voltage during overclocking activities.

Military Class
The new standard of highest quality
The standard of Military Class is the combination of the best components to reach the highest GPU overclocking performance. First, the next generation solid caps for the PWM: Hi-c Caps, in combination with Solid Caps for maximum lifespan and Solid State Chokes for an anti-buzz level.

Manually overclocking – AirForce Panel
AirForce Panel, the exclusive bundled device, uses the touch panel to provide the complete voltage and clock settings. Just simply slide the panel to overclock the card! In addition, MSI N260GTX Lightning reserves the voltage pin measurement area for overclocking enthusiasts. You can simply use the multi-meter to detect the core and memory voltages. With the AirForce Panel, everyone can easily reach the professional overclocker?s world!

Twin Frozr cooling (dual fan)
MSI?s N260GTX Lightning has an intelligent dual-fan design called Twin Frozr. The card produces ultra-low noise under regular load and dynamically adjusts the fan speed during intensive game play and other 3D-operations. Moreover, the dual-fan design provides a great cooling efficiency to reach the best overclocking performance.

Double sized memory
This card’s memory is doubled to 1792MB GDDR3 and reaches in combination with the original processor a frequency ratio of 680/2100 MHz*. DirectX 10 high resolution games are easy to handle for the N260GTX Lightning.

Variety of features
MSI N260GTX Lightning not only has high standard quality of Military Class, but also has the AirForce Panel that overclockers love. In addition, the first 10 Phase Power PWM transcends the class of similar products among this industry. Moreover, the dual PWM fan design ensures the best heat dissipation and lower working temperature. A maximum lifespan is ensured by the combination of Hi-C Caps and Solid Caps. The doubled memory size of 1792MB GDDR3 onboard makes MSI N260GTX Lightning become the most unique and powerful GeForce GTX260 graphics card!

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