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Lian Li Intros Several Accessories

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Posted April 29, 2009 by Jake in Cases & PSU

Each component fits like a glove for the chassis it was designed for. The classics Lian Li style prevail throughout.

First up, we have the W-X2000, which is a side panel for the Full Tower TYR X2000 Chassis with two transparent windows to allow your friends and family a clear view of your computer?s internal components.

The next accessory is the PT-FN02. This component is a Fan speed controller which is powered by a 12V Molex connector. The controller has 3 settings, (L) low, (M) Medium, and (H) for high. There are three fan connectors on the device which connect directly to your system case fans.

Next up, we have the PT-CL01 which is a cable management device. This uniquely shaped device is ideal for placing random cable clutter within a case directly into the clasps. The design is perfect for securing any size cable inside a case and secures them as you need. With good cable management you can alleviate heat issues and extend the life of your components considerably.

Following that we have the HD-321, and HD-322. These innovatively designed brackets make an ordinary 3.5?HDD bay into a double 2.5?HDD bay. For those customers who have need of more space inside their case, simply upgrade to 2.5?HDD?s and with this aluminum bracket holding 2 HDD?s, you can double the number of hard drives your case can support. Please note ? the HD-322 fits in Lian Li?s patented tool-less HDD cage system only, whereas the HD-321 can fit in almost any chassis with a 3.5?HDD bay open.

Innovating further, Lian Li has designed the HD-520, which,. The HD-520 fits into almost any chassis with a free ODD 5.25? bay.

Lastly there are two different HDD cage accessories available; one for external application ? EX-332 A(Silver) / B (Black)) and one for internal application ? EX-332N A(Silver) / B (Black). The HDD cage extensions support 4x 3.5?HDD?s and have 1x120mm fan@1000RPM to keep the HDD?s adequately cooled. All HDD?s are mounted with Lian Li?s patented anti-vibration kits.

For more details on accessories for your Lian Li Chassis please go to the http://www.lian-li.com.tw/v2/en/product/product02.php?cl_index=2

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