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Evercool Intros Four New 1366 Coolers

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Posted March 30, 2009 by Jake in Cooling

Evercool Thermal Corp., Ltd., one of the famous and professional cooler and fan manufacturer in Taiwan. Today, Evercool would like to introduce Intel core i7 CPU cooler march, which can be compatible with Intel Core i7, include Transformer 4, Buffalo i7 version, HPK-10025 and CI01-9525.

To keep up with Intel and design coolers to meet the market demand are Evercool?s self-expectations. In order to support new motherboard–Intel Core I7, Evercool launches ?Intel Core I7 cooler march? to provide four different CPU coolers, which are Transformer 4 (HPJ-12025), HPK-10025, Buffalo I7version (HPFI7-10025) and CI01-9525, to satisfy the different consumer groups of gamming players, the popular market and low-priced market.

Transformer 4 has brightly silver color and solid appearance, and its target market is gamming players. It uses four 8Fheatpipes and large aluminum fins to enhance the cooling effect. In addition, using ?Heatpipe Direct Touch Technology? to reduce bad welding rate and heat impedance in the bottom of copper that efficiently takes the heat away. Moreover, Transformer 4 provides one considerate design –?All-in-one? design, which is compatible with Intel LGA 1366 & 775 and AMD K8 & AM2.

Different from Transformer 4 targeting at the overclocking gamers, the target market of HPK-10025 is the public market. It is assembled by one 10cm quiet fan and four 6Fheatpipes. It also uses ?Heatpipe Direct Touch Technology?, which is the same technology as Transformer 4 uses, to lessen bad welding rate and heat impedance in the bottom of cooper, and reach an outstanding cooling effect.

Another targeting at the publics and having great cooling efficiency is Buffalo in Intel Core I7 version (HPFI7-10025), which keeps the unique appearance of Buffalo CPU cooler. The 10cm fan and dual 6F heatpipes with the high thermal conductive technology speeds up the heat conduction and enhance the cooling effect.

Different from the above three coolers that are assembled by fans and heatpipes, CI01-9525 has only 9.5cm fan to cool CPU. Therefore, it has the greatest competition on price among the four CPU coolers.

Even though the styles and structures of four coolers in Intel Core I7 cooling march are very different, all of them are worth their costs. They provide multiple choices for different consuming groups to match their needs. Therefore, Evercool Intel Core I7 cooler is your best choice.

For further information about Evercool and our products, please visit our website at http://www.evercool.com.tw

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