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ECS Displays LGA1156 P55 Motherboard

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Posted March 3, 2009 by Jake in CPU & Motherboards

Featuring all the essentials the Ibex Peak platform provides, that includes two support for dual-channel DDR3 memory, six internal SATA ports, two PCI-Express 2.0 x16 slots and one PCI-E x4, the board also extensively supports Intel’s Flexible Display Interface that links the IGP on the processor die to the connectors on the board: DVI, D-Sub and HDMI.

The P55 chipset is cooled by a small pre-production heatsink. It should also indicate that the P55 chip indeed runs cool enough to warrant a heatsink of that size, and that since most of the traditional chipset machinery has migrated to the CPU, there’s very little the vendors need to do as far as chipset cooling goes. ECS LFH-A might feature in some of the first waves of motherboards to launch along with the launch of the platform itself.

The board has video outputs, which should go unused until late this year, when we finally see the release of “Clarkdale” with its integrated iGFX core. “Lynnfield”, the first LGA1156 processor, isn’t supposed to have a graphics core and “Havendale” has been canned.

Source: http://www.siliconmadness.com/2009/03/ecs-lfh-ecs-shows-its-first-lga1156.html

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