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ASUS Intros P45 P5Q Turbo

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Posted March 3, 2009 by Jake in CPU & Motherboards

These motherboards are also exclusively equipped with the TurboV and Turbo Key features for easy overclocking options, plus the ASUS EPU and Express Gate functions to let users enjoy unprecedented performance, power savings and instant fun all rolled into one.

Xtreme Phase Power Design for Peak Power Efficiency
The ASUS Xtreme Phase Power Design automatically utilizes more phases to deliver more power. Utilizing more phases actually results in lower average power loading for each phase, allowing more stable power to obtain higher overclocking performance. The ASUS Xtreme Phase Power Design is also able to automatically switch power phases in relation to current loading?ensuring that overall power efficiency is increased. With such increased power efficiency, enhanced stability and smoother operations can be obtained under any loading?as well as the added benefit of reduced power loss?helping lower operating temperatures. The ASUS Xtreme Phase Power Design can thus automatically maximize power, achieve better performance and more stability, enhance power efficiency, and lower temperatures under any loading. Furthermore, the Xtreme Phase Power Design utilizes top quality VRM components available in all ASUS motherboard models, which include: Low RDS (on) MOSFETs, Ferrite core chokes and high quality conductive polymer capacitors?allowing users to enjoy greater component durability and longer lifespans.

Turbo Key and TurboV for Easy and Precise Overclocking
The ASUS Turbo Key is an exclusive feature that transforms the PC power button into a physical overclocking button. Completing the easy setup provides users with the ability to boost performance levels with just a push of a button?presenting users with faster, more powerful performance without interrupting ongoing work or games. For hardcore users, the ASUS P5Q PRO Turbo and P5Q Turbo also feature TurboV, an advanced overclocking tool that utilizes a micro-controller to provide precise 0.02V voltage adjustments. Furthermore, users can save their preferred O.C. profiles and easily apply the best O.C. settings for different scenarios. Now anyone can enjoy performance boosts?without needing to exit the operating system or rebooting.

User-centric Exclusive Technologies
The P5Q PRO Turbo and P5Q Turbo motherboards also feature exclusive technologies that provide power saving options and instant Internet fun. With the ASUS EPU, total system power management is achieved via automatic selection of pre-existing power profiles. The ASUS Express Gate is a new and exciting one-stop gateway to instant fun, and utilizes an alternative operating system that bypasses long boot-up times without entering the default OS.

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