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MSI Launches U-Series, Atom Notebooks

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Posted January 7, 2009 by Jake in News

G-series notebooks, the first series surmounting 10000 points on 3Dmark, will also be exhibited. With such a strong cast, MSI will successfully become the focus on the international stage once again.

Following the popular MSI Wind Netbooks, U100 and U90, MSI will introduce some more portable netbook in CES, including MSI U115 Hybrid, and will also announce that MSI U120 is ?WiMAX Ready?. Moreover the first netbook capable of running SSD/HDD simultaneously, and MSI X-Slim Series X320, the 13? super portable notebook of just about 1.3 kg.

Newly launched MSI X-Slim 320 super portable notebook shows off its slim figure of about 1.3kg!
The newly launched, super portable notebook, MSI X-Slim Series X320, is certain to capture market?s interest. While the MSI X320 is equipped with the latest Intel platform and a 13.4? display with an optimized 16:9 screen, it only weights just about 1.3 kg and is absolutely your perfect mobile partner.

Not only light, the X320 is also very ?thin?. The overall thickness is as small as 1.98 cm, with the thinnest part being only 6 mm. In addition to its lightness and thinness, the X320 also features an excellent battery life in 4 cell or 8 cell battery lasts up to 10 hours. Such an outstanding capability will impress the international market for sure.

In addition to its outstanding capability and excellent performance, the stylish design and fashionable look contributes to X320?s attraction. Its chic and elegant appearance and slim-line shape, together with the Champagne gold, the noble elegance of pearl white or even high-tech stylish black, make it consumers? dream notebook.

World?s First Dual HD Netbook, U115 Hybrid, Showing Off Its Battery Life of Up-To-12-Hours
In CES, MSI will also exhibit another topical netbook, the U115 Hybrid, which is the world?s first netbook capable of running SSD and HDD simultaneously. U115 Hybrid implements the latest hybrid storage technology to combine the advantages of SSD and SATA disk, thereby presenting numerous beneficial features such as being energy-saving, stable and shock-proof, reading fast and having high capacity. Thanks to MSI?s exclusive ECO power-saving technology, the U115 Hybrid?s battery can last up to 12 hours. *(with a 6cell battery).

U115 Hybrid has its OS installed in the SSD, thereby greatly reducing boot time and improving operational efficiency. More specially, during ECO Mode, the system will shut off SATA disk will temporarily and only work with the low-power-consuming SSD, which will impress users with its amazing long-term battery life.

U120-Series is ready for not only 3.5G, but also WiMAX
In addition to the optional 3.5G network card enabling you to easily surf the internet, MSI U120 is even ?WiMAX Ready?. At CES, MSI will build up a WiMAX wireless environment to allow people to experience the outstanding WiMAX wireless performance with U120. U120 is the outcome of MSI?s constant efforts in research and development for its endless progress.

Whole New All-In-One Wind NetOn Starting an Era of Dual-Core Atom
MSI will present 4 of it?s new All-In-One species ?Wind NetOn? at CES, including 22? AE2203, 19? AP1900, AE1901 and AP1902. AE1901 is the world?s first All-In-One model equipped with the dual-core Atom processor that helps to not only improve operational performance, but also save energy. Its power consumption is only 20% of that of normal PCs (250W). The advanced model, AE2203, is fully equipped with advanced AV and entertainment functions and supports up to Full HD.

Moreover, CD130, MSI?s new Wind NetTop model will also be exhibited. This model adopts a dual-core Atom processor, and thus presets improved performance and energy-saving efficiency, while being only a quarter of the size of a normal PC.

G-Series Game NB Presenting Amazing Performance and breaking 10000 points on 3DMark
The new G-Series Game notebooks will also be shown at CES, including MSI GT725, MSI GT727, MSI GT627 and MSI GX420. At CES, MSI will announce their success in setting a new milestone for Game NBs because the new GT725/GT727 are the first two models to break 10000 points on 3Dmark.

While establishing a whole new level of performance, MSI will also launch its first 14? with a 16:9 screen GX420. The new GT627 equipped with a DDR3 VRAM of 1Gb presents better overall performance. Meanwhile, MSI, who is constantly devoted to green technologies, by introducing its first Carbon-Fiber Concept Game Notebook with the environmentally friendly housing, will show the world the efforts it makes in environmental protection.

E-Series AV Entertainment NB Coming with Upgraded Performance
In addition to the hot AV & entertainment notebooks, MSI Bravo EX620, EX720, EX630 and EX320, MSI will also launch the advanced E-series Notebooks, EX625 and EX623. EX625, with its built-in ATi Radeon HD4670, subwoofer, Dolby Surround II, 16:9 cinema-level 16? display, optional Blue-ray drive, is designed to touch its users with the stronger-than-ever AV & entertainment capability.

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