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Sapphire Announces ATOMIC Edition HD4870 X2

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Posted December 19, 2008 by Jake in News

Featuring a closed loop liquid cooled system, the SAPPHIRE HD 4870 X2 ATOMIC brings workstation class cooling to the PC, enabling faster clock speeds and quieter operation – and delivering the fastest graphics performance ever seen in a single slot solution. Both GPU?s in the SAPPHIRE HD 4870 X2 ATOMIC are clocked at 800MHz and each has 1GB of DDR5 memory clocked at 1000MHz, making a total of 2GB of memory on board. The streamlined single slot cooler assembly on the graphics card evenly cools both GPU?s and their associated memories – enabling this dual graphics system to run with a high level of stability even when delivering the highest levels of performance – currently the fastest PC graphics available.

The SAPPHIRE HD 4870 X2 ATOMIC is a limited edition product packaged in an aluminum case with a host of accessories aimed at the gaming enthusiast, including HDMI adapter, HDMI cable, CCL UV lamp and SAPPHIRE USB memory sticks, as well as driver and utilities software.

Closed loop liquid cooler
Liquid coolant in the SAPPHIRE HD 4870 X2 ATOMIC is circulated through the graphics card cooler and a chassis mounted radiator by a pump assembly which fixes onto the standard system CPU mountings (both AMD and Intel mounts supplied). The graphics cooler, CPU cooler and radiator are connected in a closed loop by high quality flexible yet tough Teflon tubing and attached to each module with interference fit barbed joints that are sealed for life. Thisarrangement is easy to install, and efficiently cools the system CPU even in enthusiast systems where it is common to raise CPU speeds. The pump and sealed joints have been independently tested to 50,000 hours MTBF.

Air flow through the radiator is provided by a low noise 120mm 7-blade fan which delivers up to 60 cfm at full speed and is illuminated by blue LEDs. The fan and radiator can be mounted on the rear panel or in the top of the PC enclosure. The fan can be connected directly to the system power supply, to a motherboard connector, or to a fan speed controller which allows user controlled fan speeds and even lower noise when the PC is used for less demanding applications. Note that this system has only one fan and one pump cooling both CPU and dual graphics, considerably reducing overall system noise.

Complete DUAL system graphics
The SAPPHIRE HD 4870 X2 ATOMIC comprises two complete HD 4870 graphics systems on a single PCI-Express card connected by an on-board PCI Express Gen 2 bridge chip. Each GPU has 800 stream processors and is equipped with 1GB of GDDR5 memory, making a total of 1600 stream processors and 2GB of memory on-board. Two Dual Link DVI outputs are provided as well as TV-Out. 3D applications such as games use both on-board GPU?s together in CrossFire mode to deliver a single accelerated output on the Primary display. The single board layout of the SAPPHIRE HD 4870 X2 ATOMIC with its single slot cooler brings the fastest solution yet available to performance users with only a single PCI-Express slot available.

Movie support
The SAPPHIRE HD 4870 X2 ATOMIC incorporates the latest ATI Avivo HD Technology for enhanced Video display and features a second generation built in UVD (Unified Video decoder) for the hardware accelerated decoding of Blu-ray and HD DVD content for both VC-1 and H.264 codecs, as well as mpeg files, reducing CPU loading to a minimum. The SAPPHIRE HD 4870 X2 is HDCP ready and is compatible with the latest High Definition displays. Like other HD 4800 series products it also supports HDMI over the DVI interface with the correct HDMI Adapter.

All SAPPHIRE’s current graphics cards are Microsoft Windows Vista certified and supported by the ATI Catalyst suite of software, ensuring customers have easy and ongoing access to software updates for performance, stability and added features. For more information, please visit http://www.sapphireatomic.com/

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