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RivaTuner v2.21 Released with Catalyst 8.12 Support

Posted December 12, 2008 by Jake in Hardware

RivaTuner v2.21 has also improved the compatibility of the GTAIV game.

RivaTuner v2.21 can be downloaded by clicking http://downloads.guru3d.com/download.php?det=163

Version 2.21:

Minor bugfixes:
* FOURCC INTZ and RAWZ formats are no longer forcibly disabled on GeForce 6 and newer display adapters when closing the ?Textures? tab in Direct3D tweaks dialog. Please take a note that these formats are required for proper GTA IV functionality, so if you experience problems with missing textures in this game on NVIDIA GeForce 6 and newer display adapters then please try to open the ?Textures? tab and press the ?Defaults? button.
* Fixed ?Restore after suspended mode? option in low-level fan control tab, corrupted in the previous release due to multi-GPU related core changes.

What?s new:
* Updated databases for Detonator and ForceWare drivers. Added databases for ForceWare 180.60, 180.70 and 180.84.
* Added Catalyst 8.12 driver family detection.
* Added ?Enable FOURCC INTZ surfaces? and ?Enable FOURCC RAWZ surfaces? options to the ?Textures? tab of the Direct3D tweaks dialog.
* ?Restore after suspended mode? option in low-level fan control tab is multi-GPU oriented now. Now the option affects all display adapters in the system instead of currently selected display adapter only.
* ?Allow separate 2D/3D clock frequency adjustment? option is no longer provided when enabling driver-level hardware overclocking. The option is now hidden to reduce the amount of false bugreports posted by the beginners trying to disable 2D/3D clock frequncy then claiming that the hardware stays at extremely low boot clocks. Power users can still control this option via AllowMaxPerf registry entry.
* Extended list of detectable supported FOURCC formats in ?IDirect3D9 HAL adapter formats? diagnostic report category.


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