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Lian Li Announces Attendance at CES 2009

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Posted December 4, 2008 by Jake in News

With 20 years of manufacturing experience for both system integrators and OEM/ODM clients, Lian Li is proud to be the only manufacturer in Taiwan who is able to provide this kind of quality workmanship and design in aluminum exclusively in Taiwan. Companies looking for custom computer cases, pc chassis, industrial pc enclosures, rack mount chassis or just about anything including furniture made out of aluminum can all rely on Lian Li for quick results and exemplary attention to detail.

Many great new products on show
The latest and greatest of Lian Li?s achievements over the last year including the controversial X2000 series for HTPC/Gaming will be on display as well as a plethora of HTPC chassis including something special for the Mini-ITX platform. Many of the products will not have been seen before and some of them are simply showcase quality products ideal for attracting large crowds of fans and creating buzz in the forums.

The innovation and attention to detail left nothing out. In addition there will be many other products besides chassis such as the Maxima Force series Power supply units and many accessories for external drive bays. Lian Li is continually striving to be both innovative and functional for all our customers.

Large or Small- Lian Li caters for all
Lian Li caters to all sizes of customer ranging from within the top 50 system integrator league right down to a new system integrator. Each has special requirements and with the speedy project initiation, the quick results and ultimately the renowned Lian Li craftsmanship the customer can be assured of excellent results.

Combining the best of both worlds
Lian Li is the only computer case manufacturer who still uses handcrafted aspects to their prestigious lineup of own branded products. This combination of old school and new technology has garnered some of the most prestigious awards throughout the tech industry. The bending, stamping and laser cutting skills instead of molding technology, make Lian Li stand out as the ultimate aluminum PC chassis and peripheral manufacturer in the world today and many system integrators acknowledge that fact already. Join the elite group of partners and make sure your products can stand proudly with the rest in this climate of uncertainty, where value for money is ultimately the only question.

Quick turnaround time
Lian Li is able to provide a 30 day turnaround time from the incoming request to the delivery of the first production batch. The first samples can be delivered within one week of customer requests. This kind of customer service is found only at Lian Li.

Please visit our booth and meet our friendly accommodating staff. To make an appointment with the correct sales or marketing people please send an email to the following appropriate address and we will accommodate you as best we can.
Media/Press: LLpress@globalpr.com.tw
Sales: LLsales@globalpr.com.tw

For more details on Lian Li products please go to the Lian Li website: http://www.lian-li.com

About Lian Li
Lian Li Industrial Co. Ltd is an Aluminum Chassis and Chassis peripheral manufacturer and provider of industrial wholesale as well as OEM & ODM services for the PC industry as required. With over 20 years of service excellence, ISO 9001 certification and a team of professional staff willing to do the utmost to deliver durable, superior quality products, all backed by a *2 year guarantee; your satisfaction is guaranteed.(*conditions apply)

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