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HIS Unveils HD4870 IceQ 4+

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Posted December 15, 2008 by Jake in News

To keep the core busy, there is a new memory sub-system. Supplied with 1GB of GDDR5 memory running at a peak of 4000MHz, the card has its temperature controlled by the latest version of the legendary HIS cooling technology, the IceQ 4+.

The IceQ 4+ technology draws in cooler air across the GPU and memory, then expels the hot air directly out of the chassis rather than keeping it circulating.

This intelligent expulsion operates in stark contrast to traditional thermal solutions which insist on recirculating the hot air from the GPU inside the chassis.

Peter Yeung, Global Marketing Director for HIS explained the latest advances, Even though IceQ is the best known GPU cooling solution in the market, we have continued to develop the technology and we?re especially proud of the latest version. With IceQ 4+, we have redesigned the heat distribution mechanism itself. Utilising a brand new 8mm heatpipe design means we have increased the thermal transfer capacity by 60% over the previous IceQ 4 design. HIS delivers gamers a triple-advantage of faster, cooler and quieter in-game performance.

Key IceQ 4+ Advantages

  • Faster Dissipation Advantage
    New design offers increased ability to transfer thermal energy ? offers rapid cooling

  • Cooler Core Advantage
    Cool air is pulled in from both sides of the fan and heat energy is expelled directly out of the chassis ? which ensures great cooling at all times

  • CrossFire Advantage
    The unique airflow system of the IceQ4+ cooler means that even when additional cards are fitted in a CrossFire configuration, each GPU will remain cool

  • Low-Noise Advantage
    Noise levels are reduced and the service life of the graphic card are increased

  • UV Reactive Artwork Advantage
    Perfect for modded chassis ? add a UV light and watch your HIS card radiate beautifully

In addition to the HIS 4870 IceQ4+ 1GB graphic card itself, customers will also receive a CrossFire bridge interconnect, DVI to HDMI dongle (capable of carrying 7.1 audio), DVI to VGA dongle, driver disk and manual.

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