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DFI LanParty X58 in Stock at Motherboard Pro

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Posted December 18, 2008 by Jake in CPU & Motherboards

Motherboard Pro has every board under the sun, including the hottest new http://www.motherboardpro.com/DFI-LanParty-UT-X58-T3EH8-Intel-X58-ICH10R-Chipset-Supports-both-NVIDIA-SLI-and-ATI-Crossfire-ATX-Motherboard-Retail-p-1036.html

LANParty UT X58-T3eH8 brings the best gaming experience to you! It supports both Nvidia 3-Way SLI and ATI CrossFire X multi-rendering technology with 3 x16 PCI Express slots on board.

Flame Freezer
The cooling system of UT series is optimum for over-clocking! By nickel-plating sintered heat-pipe that solid soldered with aluminum fin, the redundant heat can be emitted efficiently. The “Flame Freezer” is an extended thermal module LANParty UT series. The base of Flame Freezer is connected with original cooling system when the top is outside of PC case.

EZ Clear
When you have to clear CMOS setting into default, you don’t need to open the case anymore! There is a unique circuit in LANParty UT series, just press “Power” & “Reset” buttons in the motherboard or PC case at the same time, the CMOS will be set into default.

Debug LED
How to know system status when crash or unstable? With LANParty digit diagnosis LED, user can get system status information immediately.

Fluorescent Slot & Connectors
We adopt fluorescent slots and connectors in all LANParty series. With installing UV light into PC case, LANParty motherboards become more stylish.

Auto Boost System
ABS is “two-step” over-clocking software. Simply install the software, reboot the computer, press to improve FSB frequency, and your CPU will be upgraded automatically! With ABS, you can enjoy the performance of the high-end CPU at the entry-level cost.

Genie BIOS
Genie BIOS is the best BIOS in the world. There are hundreds of setting of CPU, memory, FSB, multiple, and great voltage setting with the most intervals.

CMOS Reloaded
“CMOS Reloaded” helps you to backup or reload BIOS setting as text file under operation system. Wanna manage your OC records? Just try “CMOS Reloaded”

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