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NordicHW on overclocking Core i7 at Intel 2008

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Posted November 4, 2008 by admin in CPU & Motherboards

Whether it is a 3DMark world record or not is not really the issue, it’s how you have been able to push the hardware to levels of speed that the manufacturer did not nearly expect. Unfortunately this becomes harder by the minute since most hardware manufacturers are literally expecting overclocking and preparing the hardware to be overclocked. They even do it themselves sometimes. Unfortunately the world records are needed. Without them overclocking would get little attention in the media.

A weekend of liquid nitrogen and hanging with computer nerds maybe isn’t what you consider fun, but maybe then you should take a step back and realize you just read 14 pages about just that. Like I said earlier, we had a blast and can’t wait for next year and Sandy Bridge. We want to thank Intel and our demigod Thomas most of all for arranging this. We know that he puts a tremendous amount of his free time and money into making this event happen and we are ever so grateful.

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