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Lian Li PC-7FW mid-tower chassis review online

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Posted November 6, 2008 by admin in Cases & PSU

Following the link to read the full review: Lian Li PC-7FW.

Lian Li is a name that is synonymous with high-end computer cases, and are probably the envy of enthusiasts everywhere. To say you own a Lian Li case is to say you appreciate quality and style, and that you are very serious about your computer system. After which, most people then say, “I’d love to own one!”. The reason for this wanton desire remaining a dream for many people is that these cases command premium prices; for many, they are simply out of their price range.

Traditionally, Lian Li’s exclusivity has dominated the full tower market segment, only offering a few mid-tower products over the last several years, and it has been quite some time since any new mid-tower product lines have emerged from their labs. Well, that day has arrived. Lian Li has finally returned with a new mid-tower lineup, offering modern new features in an updated aesthetic that still thrives to retain its traditional heritage. More significantly, is that Lian Li has priced these mid-tower products to be more accessible to those who have always wanted one of their cases but have been financially-challenged to do so. Yes, today is the day that Lian Li has opened the vaults to the masses and brings us the PC-7F mid-tower series.

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