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Wednesday Sampler [11-12-08]

Our daily sampler of the latest and greatest reviews and happenings from around the tech world, guaranteed to satisfy your appetite.

Core i7’s retail packaging, stock cooler revealed

As with all pre-launch entertainment (or pre-availability in this case), the retail packaging for Intel's Core i7 processors has been revealed, along with the standard stock cooler.

Seagate responds to 1.5TB HDD freezing issues

Following intermittent claims of its 1.5TB Barracuda drives freezing, Seagate has acknowledged the issue saying that an upgraded firmware is in the works.

Microsoft considering Webkit rendering engine for IE

Internet Explorer and Apple's Webkit rendering engine (also used in Google Chrome) may one day unite, hinted Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer at a recent developer conference.

Microsoft confirms Windows 7 for mid next year

In succession to weeks of hear-say, Microsoft has finally confirmed that Windows 7 will hit PC's in the later half of 2009, just in time for the holiday season. More here.

ABS/Tagan BZ 700 power supply review is live

It's been a while - we know - but we're refreshed and ready to tackle another PSU review, and it just so happens that the ABS/Tagan BZ 700 is conveniently sitting on our desk.

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