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Friday Sampler [11-07-08]

As the weekend approaches, we take a look at what's happening from around the tech world, guaranteed to satisfy your appetite.

MSI’s third X58 motherboard dubbed Eclipse+

The third flavor in MSI's X58 motherboard lineup has been named. The Eclipse+ will boast an additional PCIe x16 slot, and an NF200 chip allowing hardware SLI support.

Zotac unveil three 48-shader 9600 GSO cards

Zotac has launched several GeForce 9600 GSO cards based on the newer 48-shader derivative. The AMP! Edition - which features quicker clock speeds - is among the new lineup.

Mac OS X and Ubuntu 8.10 performance compared

Those unfamiliar with the performance differences between Mac OS X and Ubuntu 8.10 should pay Phoronix a visit, where they've compared the two OS's head to head.

Toshiba roll-out first notebook with three Nvidia GPU’s

Toshiba has introduced the first notebook to feature three Nvidia GPU's, namely the Qosmio X305-Q706. Two 9800M GTS chips and an integrated 9400M make Hybrid SLI possible.

AMD employee charged with theft of trade secrets

An ex-Intel employee (who now works for AMD) has been prosecuted for "stealing trade secrets" worth more than $1 billion, and downloading confidential documents from Intel.

Full length feature films to hit Youtube next month

Full length feature films on Youtube? No... really? If a report by CNet is correct, one of the biggest Hollywood studios will screen its movies on Youtube, perhaps as early as December.

AMD announce plans to cut another 500 jobs

Job cuts are an ongoing occurrence at AMD, and the latest round affects 3% of its employees, which translates to 500 people. This follows the sale of its digital TV business.

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