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Thermaltake Spedo Advance case review online

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Posted October 3, 2008 by admin in Cases & PSU

Follow the link to read the full review: Thermaltake Spedo Advance.

Ever wonder why certain people love a particular car? I mean, they all have 4 wheels and get you from Point A to Point B, right? So what makes a person a lover of, say, Aston Martin, and not Lexus? To coin a phrase, it?s all about personality, baby. And a computer case is also about personality?.though it probably won?t get you as much attention with the ladies as 007 does with the Aston. No matter though, you?re here reading this so we know where this is going anyways??back to the hardware!! Sure, functionality is important, no question, but if you just want function then get a piece of cardboard on a desk for your rig and call it a day. No, cases are also about style these days, and we?re always on the lookout for that rare breed that manages to successfully fuse the two.

Today may just be one of those days, as we?re looking at a new case from Thermaltake called the Spedo Advanced Package. So let’s jump in for a look at the new Thermaltake Spedo and see if it?s more Bond?..or Bust.

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