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Nvidia to make the 40nm switch in mid-2009, it seems

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Posted October 26, 2008 by admin in News

NVIDIA has at least three high-end chips in development right now. You have all heard about the GT206, also known as GT200b in the press. As we predicted back in May, this would be a part of the Fall/Winter refresh and it is due any day now. Specifications are of course sparse but expect a tweaked GT200 core running cooler and faster, it’s all good. After GT206, there is a GT212 core on roadmaps. There are rumors that this will be the first NVIDIA chip with GDDR5, but I wouldn’t bet on it. It should arrive in Q2 2009.

Considering how much time, money and energy AMD has put into GDDR4 and GDDR5, we just don’t see NVIDIA getting its hands on chips anytime soon. Instead we would expect another tweaked GT200 chip, but this is of course mostly speculation at this point. Specifications have been hard to come by.

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