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Nintendo officially launch new DS – alias the DSi

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Posted October 3, 2008 by admin in Consoles

Looking at specifics, the DSi looks to be ever so slightly thinner than the standard DS Lite, thanks mainly to the fact that it no longer has a slot for accepting GBA games. We’d be upset about that, but we never really used it anyway.

If you’re one of those people who uses the GBA slot to make use of the Nintendo DS browser then you’ll be understandably wary by the disappearance of the GBA slot obviously, but the good news is that the DSi comes with it’s own internet browser built-in that Nintendo is promising users can download games through by using the new DSi Shop.

The DSi Shop looks to operate on a points system and players will be able to download ‘DSiWare’ through this. DSiWare is to come in four price bands – free, 200 (?1.70) points, 500 (?4.25) points or 800 (?6.80) points. Customers will get 1000 points free when they buy a DSi.

The DSi is boasting slightly bigger screens by the look of things too, though it still only has the one touch-screen. The speakers have been updated too, though Nintendo hasn’t offered any specifics on how much better the sound will be.

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