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MSI make Wind overclockable through update

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Posted October 26, 2008 by admin in News

Not only will installing the bios give you an approx 5% increase over 1.08 (and even more over older bioses) but enabling a 24% overclock will roughly give you a 30% increase in performance.

Even better scores can be witnessed with faster drives or better quality RAM although I must admit I’m pretty happy with my Wind’s performance – the O/C is definitely noticeable in CPU intensive apps like Photoshop. I have been running my Wind at a 24% overclock at times for 20 odd hours straight and it has very little to no errors doing this. However, other Winds (with the same specs) are more comfortable on 15% or 8% so wean your way up to 24% rather than jumping the gun. However, if you really are trigger happy its unlikely you will damage your Atom by doing so, but if your Wind crashes just take the hint!

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