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Intel, AMD share minor quarterly revenue share gains

Posted October 30, 2008 by admin in CPU & Motherboards

According to iSuppli, AMD’s share of worldwide CPU revenue climbed slightly from 12% in Q2 to 12.1% in Q3, while Intel’s piece of the pie rose from 80.1% to 80.4% over the same time period. Those gains came at the expense of other CPU makers, which only accounted for 7.4% of global revenue in Q3.

The picture changes somewhat when looking at Q3 2008 versus Q3 2007, though. iSuppli says Intel’s revenue share ascended 1.7 points from 78.4% in Q3 ’07, while AMD’s share actually dropped 1.8 points from 13.9% in the same quarter. Matthew Wilkins, a compute platforms analyst for iSuppli, attributes Intel’s success chiefly to the chipmaker’s strong mobile product line.


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